Manicures & Pedicures

Diva Nail Treatments

We provide a full range of acrylic nail treatments and have provided a full description of each treatment to help you choose which one will suit you best.

Full Acrylic extensions                    £35

These are done by using a natural tip to lenghten the nail to the clients desired length then pink and white acrylic is applied to the nails giving the classic french manicure look which is very popular. These nails can be kept on long term and you would maintain them by getting them infilled and rebalanced as necessary.

Infill                                                       £18

An infill will be due approximately 2-3 weeks after the nails have been applied. In an infill the bottom pink area of the nail will be buffed, filled and the nails freshened up.

Rebalance                                            £28

A rebalance is due roughly 2-3 weeks after the infill. In this treatment the nails will be shortened if necessay buffed and fresh acrylic applied over the top in both pink and white. After this treatment nails will look good as new again.

Please note there is no limit to the amount of infills or rebalances that can be done to a set of nails however it does depend on individual care given to them. Regular appointments are necessay to keep them looking their best. I will advise my clients when it is necessay for them to remove their nails and get a fresh set, the timing on this will vary client to client.

Natural nail extensions                    £25

These extensions are done by using a natural nail tip and an acrylic overlay. These nails are ideal for a client who likes the natural look but with a bit of length. It is also a great option for a client who likes to polish there own nails. These nails only require infillling every 2-3 weeks and can be kept on if cared for.

Glitter Nail Tips                                    £30

Glitter nails are available in a variety of colours including silver, gold, pink, purple, blue, red, green. These are done by using a clear tip and then applying the coloured glitter to the tip area. These are also available in full glitter if desired.

Coloured Nail tips                                £30

These are the same as the glitter only its matte colours like black, pink etc.

Acrylics with polish                             £30

Acrylics with gel polish                      £30

Acrylics with Shellac polish              £35

Infill with polish                                   £23

Infill with gel polish                            £25

Infill with Shellac polish                    £28


White Tips                                              £25

Pre design tips                                      £25

Glitter Acrylic toes                               £25


French Overlay                                      £25

This treatment is suitable for both nails and toes. A coating of acrylic is applied over the clients own nails giving the classic french manicure look.

Natural Overlay                                     £20

This is a great treament for any clients who are trying to grow and strenghten there own nails. A natural acrylic overlay will be applied to there nails and this will allow the nails the strengh to grow. Clients can leave the nails natural or get them painted there desired colour ( add polish £5). Infills can be done every 2-3 weeks to keep them maintained.


Breakages                                                £3

Acrylics soak off                                     £10

** Please note we only remove acrylics that have been done at Divas **


Manicures and Pedicures

Manicure                                                 £10

Cuticles tidied nails shaped and polished.    

Luxury Manicure                                   £20

As above with the addition of a scrub, mask and massage.

Luxury manicure with Shellac          £30

Pedicure                                                   £10

Cuticles tidied nails shaped and polished.    

Luxury Pedicure                                    £26

As above with the addition of foot scrub, mask and massage.

Luxury pedicure with Shellac            £36

Clients are advised to bring or wear open toed shoes for pedicures!

Gel polish toes                                       £14 

Gel polish toes re-application           £18

Gel polish toe removal                       £5    


Manicures are done using skintruth manicure products. Cuticle work will be done using skintruth cuticle massage cream and cuticle remover. Hands will be revived with a luxurious hand scrub and mask which will remove dead skin cells and give intense moisture. Clients will receive a hand massage followed by the polish of their choice.

Pedicures are done using skintruth pedicure products which contain peppermint and tea tree essential oils.

A pedicure is a great treatment for reviving your feet. In a pedicure you will receive a foot soak to relax tired feet leaving them feeling refreshed and revitalised. Then all your cuticle work will be done using skintruth cuticle massage cream and cuticle remover.  You will then receive a foot scrub and all hard skin will be removed. This will be followed by a rehydrating foot mask and foot massage. Then your choice of polish to finish.


Shellac is a revolutionary new product which is been described as the original “power polish”. Using UV3 technology Shellac is applied as a polish but it is cured under a UV lamp. This results in zero drying time for the client. Say goodbye to nicks, chips and smudges and say hello to glossy shiny dry polished nails that will last 2 weeks. Shellac is available in a variety of colours and also in the very popular french manicure. Give it a go you will not be dissapointed.

Shellac                                                £20

Re-Shellac                                          £23

Shellac Removal Only                     £5



Minx is the ultimate fashion accessory for both your fingers and toes. It is a flexible film that is applied to the nails using heat and pressure. It gives instant results with no drying time. Clients are able to choose from a vast amount of designs including things like zebra and cheetah print! If you are looking for something different and eye catching then Minx is definitely for you!

Minx                                                   £25 

Minx pedicure                                 £35

Clients will receive a pedicure first, then minx on their toes.

Designs kept in stock will vary due to client demand. Please phone about your required design.